Bringing out leadership skills from each of our students through Crew

LLA focuses on bringing out leadership skills in each of our students. Our school focuses on "We are Crew" to build leadership skills and provide leadership opportunities for every student. 

When one thinks of what it means to be a leader, we often picture presidents and kings.  At Leadership Learning Academy we know that even the youngest among us can be leaders if they are given the opportunity and taught the proper life skills. Each and every day at LLA we are encouraging our students to be leaders in even the smallest of ways.  The result of this focus is students that speak up for themselves, take risks, set goals, and take charge of their own learning in ways that will amaze you.  From the kindergartener who takes the initiative to clean up his station without being asked, to the sixth grader who starts a fundraising project to raise money for a teacher fighting cancer, they are all leaders in our eyes.  

Crew Across the School

The video, "Crew Across the School," will give a basic understanding of Crew.