Project CHILD

Instructional delivery method that focuses on meeting the developmental needs of each child.

Project CHILD is a research-based instructional delivery method that focuses on meeting the developmental needs of each child.  Children are encouraged to take charge of their own learning through hands on activities completed in small groups called stations.  This station time fosters team work and builds social skills as students must learn to work together to complete tasks.  Students also take turns leading their peers through these meaningful academic activities, which brings out the leadership qualities in each child that may be overlooked in another setting. 

Our Project CHILD certified teachers are subject specialists.  Being able to devote all their time to one specific subject allows each teacher to become a true expert in his or her field.  Whether it is math, literacy, or language arts, you can rest assured that our educators are top notch.  Our unique station time also frees up teachers to run daily small groups that target the specific skills a student needs to work on at any given time.  This skill specific differentiated instruction meets the needs of high and low learners alike so that all students can feel successful and each one can continue to move forward on his or her educational journey. 

Another unique aspect of Project CHILD is that your student will have the same teachers for two years.  The benefits of looping, as we call this in the educational world, are many.  Your child will feel comforted by having the same teachers two years in a row and will also have the confidence that comes with already knowing expectations and procedures.  You will enjoy the peace that comes with not having to start over each year with a new set of teachers who have lists of new procedures to learn from the parent side.  It will also let your child start his or her second year right out of the gate, with none of the usual time being wasted on the teacher trying to figure the child out.