We are Crew!


Crew is both a culture and a structure through which we challenge our students to contribute to a better world.

The culture of Crew compels all members of a community, students, staff, and families, to work together as a team, pitch in, and to help others. We help our Crew get up the mountain together – individual success is not enough.

The structure of Crew – daily meetings to support everyone’s learning and growth – makes time for students to build meaningful relationships with peers and their Crew leaders, to reflect on and monitor academic progress, and to focus on character development.

The essential ingredients of Crew are simply these:

  • Coming together in a circle that gives every member equal voice, value, and visibility
  • Building relationships through brave, honest, respectful communication
  • Focusing on social and emotional skills, character, and academic mindsets as interwoven strands
  • Creating opportunities for students to become leaders of their learning and their lives


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Crew Across the School